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Platinum Service Plan


$2,500 per month


12 Months


About the Course

Acting as your Total Solutions Provider, we take a holistic view of your entire business. A Business Process Review is performed to help manage your business using the latest technology solutions while providing you with the assurances that your processes are effective, efficient, and controlled.

This comprehensive examination of your company's personnel, business processes and infrastructure uncovers and corrects inefficiencies within or between these elements and extends to interactions with suppliers and feedback from customers or clients. by extending our review to every facet of your business model, we help establish or enhance your competitive advantages.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between management/employers and workers/employees to ensure you are all working towards the same corporate vision and mission.

During the Assessment & Remediation review, we perform the following services:

  • Business Process Review: CAS will identify and document your existing business processes

  • GAP Analysis: CAS will outline changes in your processes to achieve improved efficiencies and effectiveness

  • Technology Risk Assessment: CAS Will evaluate the technologies, mainly around software tools currently used to manage and operate your business

  • Internal Controls Assessment: CAS Will identify and weaknesses in your processes that could present a vulnerability or risk to the company's assets

  • Vendor Assessment: CASA analyzes your current vendor relationships to ensure that your contract obligations are proper and the company is benefiting from the best rates and services available

  • Reporting: At the end of the Assessment & Remediation portion of your program, you will receive a detailed report of all areas reviewed along with a measurement of efficiencies and savings throughout the company

  • Process Implementation: Where determined by Management, CAS will assist in implementing the procedural changes as outlined in the GAP analysis and reported on

  • Vendor Implementation: Platinum level clients receive personal introductions to our Professional Solutions Provider (PSP) Network. PSP members are CAS certified vendors, made up of vetted and qualified vendors in specific industries and aligned to clients of certain sizes. These PSP members maintain the highest standards and perform at the service levels required to properly service your business

Your Instructor

Camilla Jones

Camilla Jones

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