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Seth Ben-Ezra


Buying a home in New York can be stressful, time-consuming, and expensive.

Having represented buyers and sellers in more than 2,500 closings throughout New York, our dedicated Real Estate team understands the intricacies involved in a New York closing and pays particular attention to the things that make buyers and sellers anxious when purchasing and selling a property in New York. Our entire team has the single-minded focus of being accessible throughout the process, sharing information, and managing expectations along the way. Our team is available on your schedule if you want to understand the real estate process better or simply need a friendly and knowledgeable voice to explain your contract calmly.

Too many clients have told us that their prior home buying experiences were memorable for all the wrong reasons. Horror stories of mismanaged expectations, poorly negotiated contracts, and a general lack of either skill or caring on the part of their real estate team.

Our goal is to help ensure that it is the happiest of experiences and that our clients know what to expect from day one. By creating the CEO® Closing System, the only one of its kind in NY, we help our clients understand the process from the beginning. Our clients understand the true costs involved*, the time frames needed for each step along the way, and their rights and obligations. Our extensive work with lenders gives us the unique ability to either refer a lending partner or carefully evaluate and monitor our clients’ chosen lenders. Preventing surprises and disappointment is critical to a happy experience.

*Whether refinancing or even purchasing a property in New York, especially in the 5 boroughs, we are often able to take advantage of a law that allows borrowers to save thousands [even hundreds of thousands] of dollars in mortgage recording tax.

Along with our CEO® Closing System to help manage expectations and protect our clients, our team maintains multiple attorneys and professionals always ready to handle your closing, ensuring that we are never the reason you can’t close!

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