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President & CEO

Every business or organization that pays for electricity stands to benefit from this opportunity--unless it has already upgraded to LED lighting. This is because your savings will be significant and will be immediate. Your first full month utility bill after your project is completed will typically show savings of 40-75%. These savings go directly to you bottom line.

Your savings on electricity alone would provide you with a healthy return on investment (ROI). Your return is enhanced, however, because your capital commitment is significantly reduced by utility rebates and government tax incentives. Your breakeven is improved as well, and usually falls between six and twenty-four months.

In addition, your maintenance and replacement costs are virtually eliminated. New LED fixtures are typically rated for 15-20 years of life. No more replacing bulbs and ballasts on a regular basis!

Studies have shown that better lighting creates a more productive workplace. LED light is also cleaner, safer, healthier, and greener than light from incandescent, fluorescent, or metal halide fixtures. LED light is full spectrum, with better color rendering than the alternatives. It is the closest thing to natural sunlight.

Businesses and organizations that can enjoy these benefits include office buildings, retail stores, hospitals, factories, gyms, warehouses, churches, schools, medical offices, distribution centers, automotive shops, nursing homes, fraternal lodges, car dealerships, etc. The list is enormous.

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