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Barbara DeMatteo

HR Strategic Partner

She is a highly effective/accomplished professional whose Human Resources experience spans over 35 years. Supporting businesses in varied industries across the US, with highly developed skills in employment law, employee relations and interviewing. As an outsourced HR function specialist she handles writing/revising employee handbooks, job descriptions, developing and implementing performance management programs, providing guidance on the most effective way to handle employee situations and nurturing HR professionals through on site mentoring.

Working with all levels of management teams, she is continuously called upon to develop &deliver training program continuums and individual coaching sessions that focus on developing ‘Managers of Process’ into more valuable ‘Managers of People’. Using her experience and background to build on the development of solid HR infrastructures, she works with management teams to focus on their most important asset, the right employees.

She is rewarded with the consistent positive feedback she receives from attendees in her management training sessions. ‘The best trainer I ever had’ is a succinct summary of the majority of training class responses. Her reputation in companies makes her a sought after trainer, coach and facilitator. She is quite proud of continuously being invited to return to companies to build on her work to develop the talents of management teams.

Her educational background includes a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from St. John's University and a professional designation from the American Compensation Association. Barbara was the founding co-chair of the Long Island University C.W. Post Professional Experience and Placement Board.

Specialties: Trainer and coach of those in management and customer service roles, using behavioral styles as the foundation to understand people skills Supervisors and Managers learn how to become better Managers of People and create more productive workforces.

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