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Do you have a Partner or Supplier mindset?

Corporate philosophy dictates how Purchasing Managers perceive themselves and their relationship with their suppliers.

Ask yourself, "Are you in it for the Lowest Price or Best Value?"

Typically, the supplier mindset involves viewing suppliers as simply transactional entities that provide goods or services in exchange for payment. In this mindset, the focus is often on negotiating the best possible price or contract terms, with little consideration for the supplier's long-term success or strategic value to the business.

.On the other hand, a partner mindset involves viewing suppliers as strategic partners and collaborators in the supply chain. In this mindset, the focus is on building strong, collaborative relationships with suppliers based on mutual trust, respect, and a shared commitment to achieving common goals.

When working with a partner mindset, the goal is not just to secure the best price or contract terms, but also to create value for both parties by working together to identify opportunities for mutual growth and success. This may involve sharing information, collaborating on product or service development, or jointly exploring new markets or business models.

By adopting a partner mindset, you create more sustainable, long-term relationships with your suppliers, and drive greater innovation, efficiency, and value throughout the supply chain.

Do you have a Partner or Supplier mindset?

  • Partner mindset

  • Supplier mindset

About PSP Turnkey Solutions

At PSP Turnkey Solutions, we are all about the Partner mindset. We've assembled a team of more than 45 Professional Solution Providers, experts in their fields with proven track records of success, ready to implement solutions that create value and drive innovation.

Give us a call today and let's set you on the road to long-term relationships of mutual growth and success.

Jamie Austin

Business Development Officer


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