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Combating Workplace Violence

Creating and Maintaining Safe Work Environments

Published 2023

Today the threat of violence impacting worker safety and business operations is a major concern. It is crucial that thoughtful violence prevention policies and supporting violence response plans be developed before any incidents occur in order to properly prepare to use, respond, engage, and react appropriately. Once violence begins or ends is not good enough. The threats are real, and the risks must be managed. A violent threat from a current or former employee, domestic violence or relationship violence spillovers, and the threat posed by criminals committing crimes against people and property are concerns for which all organizations must prepare. Incident avoidance is not acceptable – indeed, most likely not possible. Our job is to make it manageable. This book, Combating Workplace Violence, provides a basic understanding of workplace violence as well as prevention policy and plan development in nontechnical terms. The key to the successful development and implementation of a w+orkplace prevention policy is the collaborative proactive leadership of company executives and management and the assistance of a qualified, reputable consultant. While the information and tools contained here are designed to serve as a baseline for any organization’s solution to workplace violence, the material is useful to inform and educate any member of an organization. The unique framework (V-REEL®) for analyzing the organization’s internal environment to determine what can be done to try to eradicate or reduce workplace violence is especially useful. Ancillaries following each chapter provide additional information and tools to assist your planning. We envision this book being used to inform managers, human resource professionals, workers, and academics in all types of organizations. Hopefully, using the material and framework of this book, more organizations will develop policies, procedures, and practices to prevent workplace violence. ENDORSEMENTS: "This book is a must-read for business leaders and threat assessment professionals. Felix Nater shares his years of experience and expertise on a very difficult and dynamic topic and delivers a comprehensive guide to identify, assess, and mitigate workplace violence hazards. Felix highlights why workplace violence prevention is a shared responsibility across the entire organization and that successful programs are championed from the top down. This book will help any organization create a culture of workplace violence awareness and instill employee confidence in leadership to provide a safe and secure work environment." — Gary Thompson, County of Santa Barbara, California "This book should be required reading for all company executives. Felix’s insights on workplace environment disciplines are integral in demonstrating employee commitment from the top down. Fortunately, I have had experience working with Felix in a yeoman capacity where we learned from each other. Felix articulates employee commitment through well-structured practices. I highly recommend his approach provided in this book. The authors are on target. I’m also proud to have his valued friendship." — Thomas Rosati, U.S. Postal Service, Suffolk County, NY. "This book explores the enterprise approach to preparing and responding to violence in the workplace, in a way few have attempted to tackle. As a co-author, my familiarity with Felix Nater’s depth of knowledge in the subject shines bright through each chapter. This book is a must-read for Physical Security, Human Resources, General Council, all the way to the C-Suite." — William Davis, The Carolinas. "This book captures the realities facing the workforce in a Post Covid-19 world. 'Today,' unlike any previous time in history, the workforce has work options that increase workforce security considerations. It is precisely here that so many of us get stuck. Having a thought process drives the discussion in protecting an organization, beyond the physical security 'gates, guns, and guards' mentality that characterizes most safety and security programs. Felix Nater, and his co-author capture, and document what is needed in creating a sound workplace violence program. You will learn to empower your team with this no-nonsense guide to eliminating excuses and speaking the truth about workplace violence within the workforce workplace environments." — Victor Hayghe, Health Care Industry

CONTENTS Preface. Introduction. A Quiz. CHAPTER 1: What is Workplace Violence? CHAPTER 2: The Impact of Workplace Violence. CHAPTER 3: Warning Signs? CHAPTER 4: How Vulnerable Is the Organization? CHAPTER 5: Developing a Violence Prevention Policy. CHAPTER 6: Violence Prevention Policy. CHAPTER 7: Developing a Violence Prevention. CHAPTER 8: Active Shooter/Hostile Intruder: Preparations. CHAPTER 9: Active Shooter/Hostile Intruder: Action. CHAPTER 10: Leadership Roles. CHAPTER 11: The Consultant’s Role. CHAPTER 12: The Consulting Process. CHAPTER 13: Case Study. A Final Word. Appendix A: OSHA Fact Sheet. Appendix B: Glossary of Terms. Appendix C: Related Books. References. Index. About the Authors.

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Jun 23, 2023

I am honored to be carried in the PSP Turnkey Solution. Thank you very much. - Felix P. Nater

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